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Founder & Creative Lead : Arts vs Crafts

Founder & Creative Lead: Arts vs Crafts

Layout : PIDE Quick Start Manual

Layout: PIDE Quick Start Manual

Business Card : Black Mountain Tech

Business Card: Black Mountain Tech

Logo Design : Nexla

Logo Design: Nexla

Branding:  O What A Pane

Branding: O What A Pane

Logo Design : PIDE

Logo Design: PIDE

Branding : Victory Lab

Branding: Victory Lab

Logo Design:  G5 Projects

Logo Design: G5 Projects

My first introduction to Adobe Photoshop and digital art was in grade 8. I learned the basics of layer mapping and began applying filters to everything. From this introduction grew a passion for creating digital art which I shared with my friends. This eventually led to me co-founding a snow/skate brand (Arts vs Crafts) in 2001. I was the graphics lead and would create the majority of the designs to be printed on snow and skate wear. These skills became refined as I went through design school and learned how to communicate effectively using design language and graphic design principals.